Self-portrait, 3-torso atomhead boxing itself.



KOLORMORE is a multidisciplinary artist from Chicago, IL USA EARTH. His unique style, originally forged in the Bay Area, comes with a diverse set of skills acquired over a long and versatile career as a Brand Designer/ Animator/ Creative Director.

Heavily influenced by graffiti and street art, KOLORMORE draws on various elements and techniques of the game to produce a wild, vibrant and energetic style like no other.

ARTIST / MURALIST/ Designer/ Illustrator/ Animator/ Creative Director

Open to well-aligned collaborations, commissions, partnerships and projects.



I feel we are deeply connected by love or fear. Our minds are fertile soil and like a weed, fear steals our energy. My work is a reminder to pull those weeds and nurture the love that lies within. It has always been there, we just need to give it the space, light, and energy it needs to bloom and flow vibrant.